1. Astral Pollution
    Pallbearer Industry

  2. Kehrschliefe Vol.1

  3. Language of Lines 3
    De Fabriek & M. Nomized

  4. Skull Pilot
    Adam Stone / Dead Sea Apes / Black Tempest

  5. Beheading The Heckler

  6. ITA ZOR
    Phurpa & Queen Elephantine

  7. Cannibalism Begins At Home

  8. Gutter
    Amy Cutler

  9. Mascara / I Threw Something Awful On It
    Cowboy Flying Saucer

  10. Set & Drift
    Old Million Eye

  11. Telepathic Radio

  12. Kali Ma Rama Lama Fi Fo Fi Fum
    the Man from Atlantis & the Moon of Deliverance

  13. Winter's Haze
    Bird People

  14. False Positives
    Dan Wilson and The Counterfactuals

  15. Fruiting Bodies

  16. Working For The Black Gas

  17. Berserkir Vols 1 & 2
    The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

  18. Pound Land
    Adam Stone

  19. Coven
    Forest Mourning

  20. Meditation and Fears: The Four Days
    Human Flesh

  21. Prairie Soundtracks
    Wasted Cathedral

  22. Spontane Emission
    Kombynat Robotron

  23. Yosemite And The Range Of light
    El Hombre Al Agua

  24. Spectre Sonore/Space Vampires
    Chewed Palaces

  25. 21st Century Nausea / The Mirror Laughed Back
    Adam Stone & Dead Sea Apes

  26. Kris & Tavi
    Kris & Tavi

  27. Unsemble
    The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

  28. Northern Minimalism 1

  29. Visitations
    David Colohan

  30. Lucie Peppermint
    Lucie Peppermint

  31. MASSS / Wasted Cathedral
    MASSS / Wasted Cathedral

  32. I Don't Want to Let Go, but I Need to Let Go
    Whettman Chelmets

  33. Three Gates Dub
    Taras Bulba

  34. 1054

  35. Accidental Landings
    The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

  36. Inner Space - A Psychedelic Audio Book
    Black Tempest

  37. 1828, I Think

  38. birdmilk is feathers

  39. Symbol Ensemble III
    The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

  40. The Hermit
    Surya Kris Peters

  41. EntangleMints

  42. Pilgrims of the Infinite
    Life Education

  43. Perspectives and Boundaries
    Kepier Widow

  44. Disembodied
    Ade Hodges

  45. Earth Fosters What Heaven Lets Fall

  46. qairos

  47. R-DA-Epoch
    Pink Midnight


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